Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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I know that you probably get a million letters thanking you for your product and how it has changed their lives. This letter will be no different.

I am an active 28-year-old healthy male, currently finishing my training as a nurse anesthetist. This is my seventh year of higher education mixed in with a couple of years of employment as an ICU nurse. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis/irritable bowel syndrome via colonoscopy.

Since my diagnosis, I have educated myself on the pathophysiology of the disease, as well as the pharmacological treatment. I was taking asacol by mouth three times a day, and my symptoms seemed to worsen and worsen over the past two years. Although I tried my best, the disease seemed to be taking over my life. I couldn't go ANYWHERE without eyeing where the bathroom would be in case of an emergency...which came frequently. I had to drive to work 90 mph because I felt such urgency to need the bathroom. It was very difficult going out on 'first dates' because I NEVER knew when an attack would hit...which could be anytime. I tried not to let it take over my life, so I continued to do normal things like water skiing, bike riding, ect, and just prayed that an attack wouldn't hit at those times. On my worst day, I used the bathroom 19 times.

Practicing anesthesia became very difficult since I couldn't just abandon my sleeping patient to go use the restroom. It was at this time that I began seriously researching alternative therapies.... and found your product. Somewhat skeptical at first about both its efficacy and its price, I felt that I had no other choice other than to at least give your product a try. After reading all of the literature on it over and over again, I convinced myself that it would be not only safe, but an effective treatment for my misery.

Ladies and gentleman, my symptoms are almost non-existent now after one month. I have normal bowel movements without mucus or diarrhea. So far, I have only had a couple of small attacks that were MINIMAL compared to the ones I used to have. Most importantly, my quality of life has improved so much. I flew to Dallas this past weekend and didn't get an ulcer worrying that I would have an attack on the plane. I actually go places now and don't worry about where the bathroom is. Your product scientifically makes sense and it has made a 100% believer out of me. You may use me as a reference any time. I am a better anesthesia practitioner now that I can concentrate more on my patient instead of my stomach. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you again,

Curtis L. Sanford,
II Resident Nurse Anesthetist
Edgewood, Kentucky


19 years of IBS with Diarrhea and severe gastritis. It was so severe and debilitating that I could barely drive anywhere, or go into stores, or dine out, or go to a movie, or go for a walk, or take an airplane, or ride in someone else's car, or do anything "normal" or that would take me more than 100 feet from immediate access to a toilet. There were years of "accidents" and public humiliations beyond comprehension. The severity both physically and mentally was paralyzing. I woke up with gastritis and diarrhea, ran to the bathroom all day, every single day, and went to sleep with stomach pain and cramps and reflux. My digestive and intestinal tract literally from top to bottom was damaged, irritated, raw, felt like sandpaper and rebelling on me in unimaginable ways.

Then one day, not too long ago, I heard about AMP Floracel from a co-worker. She's young and vibrant and I couldn't believe when she started telling me about her digestive problems years ago because she saw me suffering so badly one day, and about AMP Floracel. I was dumfounded and completely pessimistic, to say the least. It was like I heard her talking about AMP Floracel but couldn't believe what she was saying. My brain didn't want to let me think that there WAS hope for me out there. But, I did hear, and I did listen, and I went on the website and read, and and re-read until I had exhausted my anticipation. I also knew that I would be very foolish if I didn't at least try it. As usual, what did I have left to lose - everything about me and my life was gone - my independence, my freedom, my happiness, my anticipation - everything had been ripped from me by these 19 years of intestinal and digestive pain and panic. After all, dozens of doctors and specialists never told me about AMP. Not one person ever mentioned to me "I found something that I think has saved my life." No one. Until, my co-worker.

So, I'm going to be your co-worker and I'm just going to say this - it's been 7 weeks since I started AMP Floracel and I'm afraid to even talk about it for fear of jinxing myself and how good I feel, and how day by day I have reclaimed my life again - my healing, well life. Seriously. In fact, most days I feel like it is too good to be true. I wake up every morning thinking is this really going to be ANOTHER good day? And it is. I'm still nervous, maybe even waiting for something to "happen." But it never does. And then again on most days I find myself wondering - what IS this stuff? Everything I read about AMP Floracel, all the information I could find, and absolutely nothing or no one could have prepared to feel this great again. Ever. So, allow me to be as polite as possible and say - the bathroom is a mere acqaintance now, instead of my best friend. And, I am actually getting on a plane and flying overseas for a vacation, which I have not done in 17 years. I'm out of my body's prison. I'm happy and pain free.

Mary B


I have been using AMP Floral for about 3 weeks. I am so glad I found your product. I tried other products that made promises that didn't come true for me. I suffer from IBS and your product has made these last three weeks more calm and worry-free.

Besides IBS I am also lactose-intolerant. I can't remember the last time I had normal functions for this long of a stretch. During the first week of using your product I saw small improvements each day. Over the last two weeks I have felt like a normal person not having to worry about getting to a bathroom quickly, not having to consistently worrying about how I was going to feel each day.

I feel GREAT! I will continue using AMP Floral and truly recommend your product. I am looking forward to continuing to feel great and looking forward to being able to go places, vacationing, traveling, etc. without worry and anxiety.

Love your product.

Barb T.


I would like to let everyone know that as a retired law enforcement officer I was very skeptical of what I read on this site, I waited and read a lot of testimonials before I actually ordered a bottle of the AMP FLORACEL. Guess what? it works and has given me my life back. I have taken it for about two weeks now and things seem to be back to mostly normal and I can leave my house and go somewhere without looking or scouting out where the restrooms are at. I still have away to go to get back to completely normal, but I am so much better. If you follow the directions and do as the directions say it will work.


I have to face my doctor soon and I am wondering what he will say when I tell him I haven't been taking any Asacol or suppositories, I wonder why they don't tell the truth about all the stuff they give you that doesn't work. Anyway thank you for all the help and god bless. I will continue to order your products.

Dale O.
Port Orchard, WA